Slow Cooker Rutabaga Gratin with Millet and Gruyère | @naturallyella

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When it comes to holiday meals, I’m type-A (plan everything to the minute) cook. I have a schedule for every facet of the meal, to the point of where I have alarms in my phone. (In fact, I still have labels from last Thanksgiving. My morning alarm is called ‘beans and stuffing’ from last year’s Thanksgiving.) For those of you who are a bit more relaxed in your meal planning, this rutabaga gratin is the best kind of holiday meal recipe. Place everything in the slower cooker in the morning and let it cook while the rest of the meal is prepared. It’s rich, creamy, and the perfect addition to any holiday meal! Read more and see the recipe.

Pear Salad with Gorgonzola | @naturallyella

Pear salad with gorgonzola is one of the classic fall combinations. It’s possibly overdone but still well worth sharing again (and again). This recipe is one I first start working with in 2010 but it’s morphed into the version below. I use to cook the pears but I found the crispness from the fresh fruit much better suited. I also love using frisee in this salad, especially for Thanksgiving. It’s a great make-ahead salad that is the perfect addition to your holiday dinner. Read more and see the recipe.

Radicchio Salad with Lentils and Roasted Acorn Squash | @naturallyellaWhen it comes to planning meals for small or large gatherings, I keep two things in mind: dietary restrictions and highlighting the beauty of each season. This radicchio salad with lentils and roasted acorn squash is definitely a dish of beauty. The best part? The squash roasts long enough so the skin is tender and there’s no peeling involved. Or if eating the shell isn’t appealing, quarter the squash and use them as serving bowls instead- just as beautiful! Read more and see the recipe.

Kale and Chickpea Stew | @naturallyella

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Sometimes I miss the snow. I miss the excuse of not leaving the house because you can’t get out the door. I miss the calming effect snow has as it falls. Most of all, I miss the cozy feeling of curling up on the couch with a hearty bowl of stew, watching the snow fall. This chickpea stew is the hearty type of meal best served when the temperatures are low and you have a crusty loaf of bread on hand. Best of all, this chickpea stew is the type of meal where I always have everything on hand so it comes together quickly and easily!

Read more and see the recipe.

Thai Sweet Potato Quinoa | @naturallyella
Cooking for me is an ever evolving and growing process. Like with most everything one learns to do, practice makes better (as a musician I never prescribed to practice makes perfect). This thai sweet potato is a great example of what I mean. It started as a simple sweet potato salad from a few years ago that needed updating. The original recipe was fine, but it lacked balanced flavors. The end result of the revamp is this hearty and cohesive Thai sweet potato salad. Excellent packed for lunch or as a side to dinner! Read more and see the recipe.

Curried Carrot Soup | @naturallyella

It’s easy to overlook carrots when you’re staring at all the beautiful fall produce. For the longest time, I viewed carrots as things I used for dip or had as a snack. Eventually carrots broke out of that routine and I started using them as a shining main ingredient. This soup is an easy, one-pot dish made extra creamy using red lentils. Make an extra large batch and freeze to eat throughout the fall and winter season!

Read more and see the recipe.

Apple Wrap with Cheese and Mustard Hummus | @naturallyella

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Every year around the end of October, I shift gears and prepare to hunker down for winter. Even in California! Usually by this time, I have canned as many tomatoes as possible, frozen and dried herbs, and packed my crisper full of apples. My hope is that the apples will last at least a month or more. This apple wrap combines some of my favorite flavors, welcoming the cooler months but holding onto the bright days of summer. The sweetness of the apples plays with the pungent mustard and creamy cheese. In fact, it’s the perfect sweet/salty lunch any time of year! Read more and see the recipe.

Root Vegetable Enchiladas with Cilantro Avocado Sauce | @naturallyella

It’s no secret that I love sweet potatoes with bold spices and flavors during the fall season, especially in taco or enchilada form. These root vegetable enchiladas are an extension of this cassoulet. Two separate meals using the same core vegetables: sweet potatoes and celeriac. I love these two roots together because the flavors blend well without one overpowering the other. Prep the two meals together by dicing the vegetables ahead of time.

Read more and see the recipe.

Five-Spice Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Parsnips | @naturallyella

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One of my favorite items to use during the fall season is pumpkin. I’m not talking about the creamy puree you buy in a can but rather the actual pumpkin. In fact, it’s easy to roast as you would any other winter squash. In this roasted pumpkin soup, pumpkin is combined with aromatic five-spice powder from Frontier Co-op, parsnips, and ginger. The result is a creamy and flavorful soup that is perfect for those cooler fall nights. Look for smaller sugar pie pumpkins next to the butternut and acorn squash at farmers’ markets or at your local co-op (it’s national co-op month after all)! Read more and see the recipe.

Root Vegetable Hash Egg Skillet | @naturallyellaWhen we go out for weekend brunch, I usually end up ordering what some may consider the least exciting breakfast: eggs and potatoes. I have a love of all things potatoes which has manifested into a few different potato/egg recipes. For example, this pesto potato skillet and this smoked paprika egg bake to name a couple. However, for root vegetable month, I decided to add an underused ingredient: turnips. The slight bite from the turnips works well with the regular potatoes. Plus, it’s the perfect companion for the dill and tarragon in this root vegetable hash.

Read more and see the recipe.

Roasted Beet Salad with Herbs and Spinach | @naturallyella

As the days get shorter, it’s sometimes harder to motivate myself to cook. I’m somewhere in between the light summer dinners and hearty, cozy meals for snowy nights. This roasted beet salad is the perfect balance and usually where I land. It’s simple, with an elegant, restaurant-like feel. But what I love most is the color. You could choose any variety of beets and have a beautiful salad but the golden beets lend a bit of warmth. This is the perfect light, weeknight meal that requires just a bit of chopping and patience while the beets roast. Or, if you’re planning ahead, the beets could easily be roasted on the weekend.

Read more and see the recipe.

Root Vegetable Pot Pie with Whole Wheat Biscuits | @naturallyella

I have a weakness for pot pies. There’s a memory that I can still picture, sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen, smell of the pot pie in the oven. It’s comforting to me and one of the reasons I love making pot pies. This root vegetable version has quite a few ingredients but is primarily just a lot of chopping. It’s hearty, filling, and can easily be doubled or tripled depending on how many people you need to feed. Also feel free to swap the root vegetables based on what you have/what you can find! Read more and see the recipe.

Enchilada Skillet with Eggs | @naturallyella

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I love breakfast, but sometimes I get stuck in ruts. Breakfast is a low key event and my family is okay with that. As a result, we make oatmeal every weekday and most weekend mornings. When oatmeal won’t do the trick, it’s scrambled eggs and toast. But sometimes, I get an itch to break out and make something completely different.

This enchilada skillet is a riff off shakshuka and this curried tomato egg recipe. The sauce is an enchilada sauce that I quickly throw together. And there aren’t many ingredients beyond that. I also like to make an extra batch of the sauce so I can have enchiladas for dinner later in the week. Read more and see the recipe.

Stuffed Delicata with Chimichurri Black Beans | @naturallyella

One of my goals every fall is to cook my way through all the hard squashes. Each one is so unique and versatile that it’s a shame to stop with butternut squash. Outside of butternut, delicata is one of my favorites. That’s because it cooks quickly and my favorite part is that there is no peeling required. This stuffed delicata has an easy vegan filling that highlights a favorite condiment of mine. Read more and see the recipe.