a casual club

You may be wondering, what makes a casual club? 

Well, it all started with my run of zines (casual/cook casual) and for a brief moment in time, I had a club where people could see all the random things I was cooking up, get book recommendations, have first access to events, and more.

While the zine, in it's original form, is no longer, I've held onto the idea of bringing the club back. Alas, here we are! The club will look a bit different but will keep the casual spirit alive! 

For $30 a year, subscribers get a few benefits including the ability to peruse the site without ads. I like to keep content available for all but know ads are annoying- so the club provides support for me and a better experience for you!
join the club <3

Why subscribe?

No Ads!
A large part in dusting off the website cobwebs came from a feeling that so much is lost to social media. I wanted a space that was well organized, had all the things I wanted, and would be largely in my control without heavy sponsored content. I also wanted it to be accessible to all!

As such, this site is primarily supported by the banner ads. It's not perfect but in this pay-for-every-little-thing economy, it's nice to have open access to information. However, if you want to support the site yourself, this option is for you! By joining the club, you have a year of ad-free exploring. 
Presale for events
Get first access to ticket sales for in person events and online classes. This includes events for my upcoming, fall 2024 book release! 
access to casual back issues
While a large portion of the casual back catalog of casual recipes are on the site, there's still something about being able to scroll through a full issue. Subscribers will have access to all the digital files of the casual archive and will have digital access to any future zine releases (there are plans)! 

and more to come!

Have a nerdy food question, need a recipe recommendation, or just want to share something exciting you've made?