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Vegetarian Tomato Recipes

If I ever had to describe what I thought summer tasted like, it would be a slice of fresh tomato with a solid sprinkle of salt on top. That is summer. I also tell people that if they ever wanted to know why eating in season is best, do a side by side with a tomato grown from a local farmer versus one grown in a different country (if you can even find one in the summer!) It’s really a stark difference and brings out even more of the delicious flavor.

And so, in honor of summer tomatoes, I thought I’d round-up some of my favorite tomato recipes. There’s tomatoes for every meal!


When it comes to the obvious, summer tomatoes make great sauces. Those sauces work well with pasta, lentil bites, and enchiladas. Of course, don't stop there. I love roasted and blistered tomatoes as toppings too.


I feel like this needs no explanation. Is there anything better than tomatoes in salads during the summer?


It's almost a cruel joke how delicious soup made from fresh tomatoes can be. Sure, gazpacho is great but there's something delightful with homemade tomato soup.


I really love the combination of tomatoes with eggs whether that be in a solid breakfast bowl or as simple as a slice of tomato with fried egg. You could also add tomatoes to omelettes and frittatas.


Finally, nothing screams summer like a sandwich with a thick slice of tomato. I don't stick to the normal though. Try tomatoes on grilled cheese sandwiches or top on toast. There's almost no way you could go wrong.