Summer/Early Fall

Quick Tips

How to cook PRODUCE

Zucchini is a summer staple that can be grilled, roasted, sautéed, steamed, braised, or served raw. Although there is no wrong method to cooking zucchini, they do have a high water content, which can easily throw off a dish. Salting zucchini before cooking can help coax the water out and concentrate the flavor.

How to buy PRODUCE

Size is important when looking for zucchini. Overly large zucchini has a mute flavor and the skin can be tough. Look for medium-sized zucchini that have a solid color, minimal cuts, and are firm when pressed. The skin should also have shine to it.

How to store PRODUCE

Keep unwashed zucchini on the counter for a couple of days or for a few more days, wrap in a tea towel and place in the crisper. Wait to wash until right before using, which should be done within within a few days of purchasing.


Eight Ball


Zucchini is a summer squash and can easily be interchanged with other summer squash. There are many different varieties of zucchini that range in color from green to yellow (not to be confused with yellow summer squash), size, and shape. One of my favorites is the eight ball. This round zucchini is perfect for stuffing with grains and herbs!

Zucchini is a fairly easy item to use: no peeling or de-seeding is needed. If you plan on using it in a dish where extra liquid would be a problem, it’s highly recommend that you salt the zucchini first to draw out the moisture. I use zucchini in curries, grilled as a side dish, and tossed onto pizza. Of course, I also make my fair share of zucchini bread.

To freeze zucchini, I cube it first. From there you go through the normal cycle: blanch for two minutes, ice bath, pat dry, and sit in a freezer safe container. You can also shred zucchini using the same process.

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