Quick Tips

How to cook potatoes

Potatoes are a versatile, rather inexpensive ingredient. They are great roasted, braised, and fried and have a myriad of uses in side dishes, and even some main dishes.

How to buy potatoes

Look for potatoes that have minimal marks, but no cuts, bruises, soft spots, or wrinkles. That would be a good indication that the potato is past its prime.

How to store potatoes

Store potatoes in a cool, dark area as light and heat are the enemy. I keep my potatoes in a drawer, away from the oven, and stored in a brown paper bag that’s left open. Potatoes should be eaten within a couple weeks of purchasing. If a potato sprouts or has green spots, cut off before eating (and don’t wait any longer to eat).




As more and more people focus on healthier foods, potatoes often get a bad name. While they might not have all the nutrients of sweet potatoes, they do have a place in my diet and cooking.

Russet and yukon potatoes are perfect for making mashed potatoes and french fries. Fingerlings are my go-to for a beautiful side, while red and purple potatoes make for wonderful salads and hashes. Russets are on the starchier side of potatoes, which is why they make great mashed potatoes (low moisture/don’t hold their shape), while waxy and all-purpose potatoes have less starch and hold their shape a bit better.

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