13 Vegetarian Beet Recipes

Whenever I hear people talk about spring produce, it’s usually centered around two items: asparagus and strawberries. I’m not saying that’s bad, it’s just there are so many other wonderful spring/early summer items that deserve a share of the spotlight. One of my favorites: beets.

They are irresistible at the farmers’ market. The different varieties with their beautiful greens! It’s easily three different meals in one bunch (thanks to the edible greens). Below are 13 of my favorite vegetarian beet recipes. There’s something for everyone. Unless you think beets taste like dirt. There’s probably nothing for you. (I’m looking at you, mom!)



Cracked Spelt Risotto with Roasted Beets | Vegetarian Beet Recipes

Beets tend to be tossed into salads (as evidence by the next section) but they shouldn’t be ruled out for the star of dinner. Beets make for beautiful pasta, either as a sauce or added to the dough. They also are perfect for adding to risottos and even stuffed in sandwiches. I love the color of the red beets but often pick up chioggia beets because they tend to stain less.



Roasted Beet Salad with Herbs and Greens | Vegetarian Beet Recipes

As mentioned above, the more obvious use for beets is in salads. Grill them or roasted them; either way they are great with greens. If you’re looking to roast beets, try roasting whole with the skin on. Let cool, peel, then dice for the salad. If the skin isn’t too thick, I’ll leave it on (it’s a personal preference!)



Pecan Roasted Beet Dip with Sage | Naturally Ella | Vegetarian Beet Recipes

This category has two of my favorite recipes: the beet dip and the beet cupcakes. Both are great conversation starters and both are delicious. I find the recipes in this category can sometimes turn even the most picky eater into a beet lover.


Avocado Chickpea Salad | Naturally Ella

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The second the temperature gets above 60˚F, it’s hard to pull me back inside. In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m sitting on my patio, soaking up a bit of afternoon sun. So it should come as no surprise that I start to also focus on recipes that go well in a picnic setting.

This avocado chickpea salad is a bit of an amalgamation between this egg salad recipe and this chickpea deli salad from Sprouted Kitchen. It’s meant to scooped up with a solid cracker or served on a perfect slice of bread.

Best of all, it uses mostly pantry ingredients (like my favorite chickpea) but is still fresh tasting with help from the herbs and the California Avocados. Also, I made a batch of these crackers (with sesame oil) which helped me use up a few seeds I’ve had stashed in the freezer!

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Breakfast Tostada from The Minimalist Kitchen

I am pretty excited to share this recipe with you. If you’ve been hanging around this site for years, you may remember I had a web design company that I co-ran with Melissa from The Faux Martha. We met in person after following each other in 2012, for a Joy the Baker book signing in Chicago (there are pictures!). From there, the rest was history. A couple years ago, we agreed it was time to close the doors to the design company. We didn’t know what was going to happen but we both wanted to focus on the things we loved. It all feels like ages ago.

Fast forward to now: Melissa has been busy and written one wonderful cookbook. It’s all about pairing down and being ready for dinner: The Minimalist Kitchen. It’s more than just recipes and if you ever say to lose ingredients/feel like you have too many kitchen tools: this book is for you. I’m sharing Melissa’s breakfast tostadas. This recipe is great within a meal plan but I was easily able to adapt it for what I have on hand (as mentioned in the notes!)

Read more and see the recipe.

Einkorn Risotto with Roasted Asparagus

I try and use as few pans as possible when I cook. So when I was writing out this recipe, I realized I dirtied a lot for this einkorn risotto. But, it’s worth it for a delicious spring dinner. There’s nothing better than roasted asparagus during the spring months. Pair that with the warming einkorn base- it’s a winning dinner situation.

One note about making whole grain risottos. I love the result I get when I crack the grains. It doesn’t take long but the extra step provides a bit of flour to help thicken the risotto and make it extra creamy without a ton of cheese.

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Scallion Roasted Carrots with Quinoa | Naturally Ella

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I’ve made it no secret that I have a deep love for roasted vegetable grain bowls, preferably with hummus and eggs. This is one of about 5 meals I could eat everyday (which, I pretty much do). I often switch up the vegetables and grains but the formula stays the same. In terms of grains, I usually use leftovers. However, I don’t always have leftovers. This is when I reach for Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa. It’s quick cooking time ensures it’s ready whenever the roasted vegetables are tender, giving grain bowls a chance to reach to the table in 30 minutes.

These scallion roasted carrots are great in either spring or fall. However, I love the tender spring carrots. Spring also happens to be the time I can usually find smaller carrots. You could easily ditch the hummus/egg combo for a cashew or sunflower cream. Also, play around with the flavors on the roasted vegetables. Add in minced garlic or toss with fresh herbs.

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Pesto Butternut Squash with Oats

I’ve been hanging onto the right time to share this recipe and in doing so, I fell into spring. So consider this my last winter recipe. From here on out it’s all asparagus and strawberries. However, I wanted to share this recipe just incase you happen to have one last lonely squash hanging around.

This is a riff on a sandwich I had but instead of sandwich form, I tossed everything into a grain bowl with oat groats. I don’t use whole oats enough. Their flavor is a bit more than other grains but can be perfect for adding a touch of warmth to the overall meal.

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Spelt Cornmeal Pancakes with Strawberry-Lavender Chia Jam | Naturally Ella

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Some time back, my son came to me and requested pancakes with strawberries (very sternly). He helped me measure the batter and watched as the pancakes bubbled on the stovetop. It’s these moments that I feel I’ll hold onto (and most likely recount to him when he’s 20). I love spending time with him in the kitchen and pancakes have become a reoccurring theme in our kitchen.

These cornmeal pancakes are a riff on those original pancakes I made with him. I love adding cornmeal to the batter for flavor and texture. I’ve also become a bit obsessed with making chia jam. It’s easy, quick, and makes for the perfect pancake topping (especially when almond butter is involved).

Best of all, I was able to break in the new griddle top on my new studio stovetop. I partnered with GE for the studio space and I’m in love with this range. The duel-oven and six-burner stovetop gives me so much room to cook (all in 30″). Scroll down to see a bit more about what I chose and why!

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Cilantro and parsley are always on my weekly grocery list. Spend a couple bucks and you have a cheap flavor boost for so many meals. I keep them stored in an airtight glass container with a damp tea towel and I’ve had my bunches last for a couple weeks. Even with my favorite storage technique, I still end up with herbs leftover week after week. This list is 17 different ways you can use up the bits and pieces.

One quick note. Anytime I’m blending/pureeing cilantro or parsley, I use them stems. It’s a perfect way to use the entire plant and if blended well, you won’t even notice.

Use Up Cilantro and Parsley


Olive Pesto Pasta

Parsley is my go-to for quick dressings and light sauces. I have many a people in my life that don’t eat cilantro, so I find myself working with parsley only more often than not. If you can, go for the flat-leaf parsley over the curly. The flat-leaf has better flavor (and I find it easier to work with in some of these sauces).



Spiced Sweet Potato Skewers with Cilantro Yogurt Sauce | Naturally Ella

I have future plans that when I have a yard, I’m going to grow an absurd amount of cilantro. It’s probably fairly apparent from the recipes on this site but I love cilantro. This is just the tip of how I use cilantro, but is great for the bits of leftover cilantro.


Cilantro + Parsley

Chimichurri Verde | Naturally Ella

You could only buy parsley or only buy cilantro but the duo is a powerhouse. I could smother chimichurri or chermoula on roasted/grilled vegetables everyday and never get bored. These sauces are the perfect way to use up the herbs and have a great start to your next week of meals.

Smoky White Bean Carrot Dip | Naturally Ella

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I usually show up to a party with two things: wine and a vegetable-heavy dish. Even for events that are laden with greasy fried things, I’m still there with vegetables (but don’t get me wrong- I’ll still eat the fried things too). It’s in my nature to be the vegetable lady. So, when Lundberg Family Farms asked me to develop a recipe to go with their line of tortilla chips for March Madness, I brought my vegetable game. This carrot dip is the perfect addition to your weekend March Madness Final Four party snack spread (and can be enjoyed by all- even if your bracket is busted!)


This dip features two of my favorites: carrots and white beans brought together with smoked paprika. I like my hummus but other white bean dips are just as lovely (like this dill dip!) Best of all, this dip can be made 24 hours ahead of time (in fact, it prefers it). A couple quick notes- roasting garlic is something I do fairly often. However, I realize not everyone is like me. You could also chop the carrots and raw garlic, toss with a bit of olive oil and roast for about 25 minutes in a 400˚F oven. This gets you a similar result that is just as delicious.

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Avocado Romaine Wedge Salad with Pickled Radish | Naturally Ella

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There are certain thins I didn’t learn about food until I moved to California. Looking back, I lived a rather sheltered food life in the Midwest. Citrus, pineapple, and avocados were magical year-round food that all was shipped long distances. I never questioned it because to me, an avocado in December was the same as one in July. Boy was I wrong.

March kicks off the California Avocado season and I’m excited to partner with the California Avocado Commission again (because fresh avocado cannot be beat!) Plus, avocados and spring produce are an amazing match together and this salad proves it. I recently had a romaine wedge salad that was overloaded with blue cheese. It was delicious and while it inspired this recipe, this avocado romaine wedge salad is a bit lighter (think of it as a California wedge!) The avocado dressing is also a heavy-rotation dressing/grain bowl topping.

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Harissa Roasted Carrots with White Beans | Naturally Ella

I think whole-roasted vegetables are beautiful. Keeping the stems/greens on are a perfect way to highlight the notion that root to tip are edible. Carrots are one my favorite vegetables to do this with but I’ve found over the years that I much prefer to quarter the carrots. Serving someone a whole carrot to cut seems a bit more overwhelming than if the carrots are in thinner, asparagus-size strips.

These harissa roasted carrots are a solid lunch for me. However, I’ve also served them with a poached egg and toast for a beautiful breakfast. Also, you can make extra of the the beans. They are great tossed with a simple salad or grains.

Read more and see the recipe.

Roasted Radish Salad with Butter-Thyme Dressing | Naturally Ella

It feels only right to share such a beautiful spring salad on the first day of spring. This roasted radish salad may seem simple in flavors but everything comes together in the best way possible. I made this salad for two but ended up eating most of it myself. And if you’ve never roasted a radish, you’re in for a treat. The bite of the radish melts away while the essence of the radish stays. Add to that a delicious butter dressing and it’s my idea of a perfect spring lunch.

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19 Vegan Spring Recipes | Naturally Ella

Whenever I think about my time living in the midwest, I think about the weather. I know, the weather can be such a surface level topic but for me, it kept me grounded. There was always that day in March. I’d throw open the windows, turn on the music, and breathe that first spring breathe. Every year it felt like I was breathing in refreshed energy. That moment is a favorite.

These vegan spring recipes are riding on that feeling. Along with the weather comes the fresh spring produce. Asparagus, carrots, greens, and beets. There’s so much to be done with these vegetables and I always find spring to be a reinvigorating time in the kitchen.

19 Vegan Spring Recipes


Asparagus Stir-Fry with Miso Sauce

It wouldn’t be a post about spring recipes without asparagus. I’ve heard sightings of the first spring asparagus in California and I couldn’t be more excited. I typically do asparagus and eggs together but there’s so many wonderful vegan asparagus recipes. My favorite three:



Dill Beet Chickpea Salad | Naturally Ella

While we have beets pretty much year-round, I find I love giving them the spring treatment: tons of fresh herbs, bright flavors, and salads (as many salads as I can get). Also, be sure to save those beet greens! You can easily use them in place of the kale or spinach in the recipes listed in those sections.



Curried Carrot Soup with Red Lentils | @naturallyella

Similar to beets, carrots are year-round here but the flavor of the spring carrot is unmatched. I love that carrots can work in those cold weather/warm dish recipes but also fit right in with the fresh, warm weather dishes.



Spinach and Red Lentil Masala | @naturallyella

I’m a picky greens eater. For spinach it has to be in one of three states: raw, barely wilted, or so cooked it’s invisible. I don’t really care for spinach the texture of wilted spinach. These recipes do a good job showcasing that range of spinach textures.



Kale Pasta with Sunflower Cream Sauce | Naturally Ella

I love cooked kale. It takes a bit more time to turn kale into a texture I don’t like (see spinach) which makes it perfect for some of the heartier vegan spring recipes. I lean towards using lacinato kale but you could use any variety or even swap in chard.


Farro with Chili Roasted Broccoli and Hummus | Naturally Ella

I’m popping in today with this quick recipe that banks on the chili roasted broccoli I posted a couple days ago. To be honest, this feels like phoning it in a bit. BUT, these are two items I am never without: cooked grains and hummus. Add some kind of vegetable and I’m set (with about 50% of the time, an egg added too).

This is my meal right here. If you asked me what my favorite meal was, it would be some combination of this: roasted vegetables, grains, hummus, poached egg, and a crusty piece of bread (because I’m a carb lover). Don’t have leftover grains and or farro? Pop down to the variations section for a bit more inspiration. One could potentially eat a version of this dish every night and it would never get old (trust me- I’ve been there.)

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