I had all intentions of sharing a recipe on Friday but as often happens, some-what controlled chaos ensued and I’ve been a veritable wreck. We were able to pick up all of my stuff from the shipping company, went to lunch with my parents, and set in to start unpacking on Friday. I laughed to myself as I was unpacking the kitchen only because I never thought I would say I had too many cupboards (a nice problem to have). I’ve cried numerous times for any number of reasons and cursed IKEA more times than I can count (both in and out of the store). I got bit by a dog on Saturday morning (I’m fine, my dog is fine- it was just a kerfuffle at the dog park) and instead of enjoying the farmers’ market, I was relegated to the urgent care. I went grocery shopping to fill my cupboards with all the basics (it felt good to start over- I think I’ve had some items in my cupboards for longer than I should have) and started setting up my office, my own space.

Life is good and I’m home with M.

Thank you for all your kind words and warm wishes during this transition. I’ll be back tomorrow morning with a recipe and an exciting introduction.