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Try fresh corn raw or roasted in salads. Whole ears can be grilled, boiled or steamed. Fresh sweet corn is delicious in soups and salsas as well.


Select corn with the husk on, if available. The husk should be tight, and bright green with light colored silks or tassels. Feel the kernels under the husk and choose ears with full, even kernels. Avoid ears with small brown holes in the husk if you can.


Keep corn with husks on in a plastic bag in the refrigerator up to a few days. Corn can be frozen raw or cooked. I recommend freezing just the kernels to save space.


Luscious, Who Gets Kissed, Peaches and Cream, Golden Bantam


Sweet corn is one of those vegetables that continue to ripen and break down after it’s picked. So, it’s best to consume or freeze sweet corn within a couple days of harvest. This crowd pleaser can be prepared in numerous ways by itself or in many summer recipes. In other cultures, sweet corn is often paired with beans to provide complementary amino acids for a complete protein.

Sweet corn varieties are different from popcorn and field corn (used for cornmeal, processing, and other goodies). While there are many varieties of sweet corn (not just white and yellow), my favorite variety reminds me of home. Over the years, my family always got the same kind, from the same farmer: Peaches and Cream. It’s delicious, sweet, and the quintessential summer food!

Sweet Corn Salad

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