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Quick Tips


Garlic is most often sautéed, roasted or eaten raw in dips or dressings.


Look for loose garlic with heads that have layers of unbroken skin. Select larger or smaller cloves and heads depending on your preference.


Store garlic on an open countertop if you use it regularly or in a cool dry place. Avoid putting garlic in a closed plastic bag or the refrigerator as the moisture will cause it to mold or sprout. Garlic can last months, if you don’t use it all first!


Two main types of garlic are separated into softneck and hardneck, which has to do with how the plant grows. However, most grocers do not have a lot of choice when it comes to garlic. If you can find varieties at farmers markets or ag festivals, I like Purple Stripe or Georgian Crystal.


Garlic is one of the things that I always have around the house. I put it in just about everything. When add a little garlic and a little salt to the dish you’re cooking, you’ve got yourself something that’s already a step ahead of where it was.

If you roast a whole head of garlic, it takes on a completely different life. Simply spread roasted garlic on toast and you have yourself a delicious treat. Pop roasted garlic on pizza and you may never order take-out again.Garlic also works well as a wonderful infusing olive oil and vinegars (and can add that extra oomph to a salad or meal). If you want garlic to last even longer, you can also pickle it.

A few other things you might see include garlic scapes and green garlic. These are usually found only in the spring in a narrow window. They have a more mellow flavor, but you can use them as you would cloves of garlic. Black garlic is another kind of garlic which is actually caramelized garlic and adds another dimension of flavor to your cooking.

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