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Most notably eaten raw, radishes are also great roasted, braised, and pickled. Good radish recipes include grain bowls, salads, summer rolls, and slaws.


Look for firm radishes that have fresh looking greens. Radishes should have heft to them and the table varieties should be smaller in size. Radish varieties are sold in round varieties and long varieties.


Keep in an airtight container with a tea towel to wick away moisture. Table radishes will keep up to a week while Asian varieties will last longer, up to a month and black radishes will last a few months. Always remove the greens before storing. Radishes, like other root vegetables sold with greens, will draw water from the root to keep the greens fresh, yielding soft roots (equivalent to wilty lettuce).


Table Radishes: Cherry Belle, Easter Egg, French Breakfast (D’Avignon), Pink Beauty, and Icicle

Asian Varieties: Daikon, Watermelon, and Sunkyo

Black Radishes


For a vegetable that usually gets tossed on salads, radishes are a versatile root that deserves refrigerator space year-round. A member of the brassica family, radishes come in many varieties but can be grouped into three categories: table, Asian, and black. Table radishes are the most common varieties found in grocery stores, like the red radish. These radish can be slightly sweet and are great on salads, in grain bowls, and roasted. Asian radishes, like the daikon, are used more like a turnip or rutabaga, perfect for roasting and gratins. Black radishes can be extremely spicy and perfect for topping grain bowls, soups, and salads.

Table radishes are best in the cooler weather of spring and early fall while Asian and black radishes grow year-round. Different radish varieties have different flavor profiles and spice levels so I recommend playing around and seeing which you like best. For a mellower radish, look for cherry belle or the French breakfast radish. For a spicy pop, the black radish or watermelon radish can be a nice touch.

How to roast radishes

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