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Quick Tips


Cabbage is great served raw in salads and slaws or prepared roasted, grilled, braised, and is perfect in stir-fries. Red cabbage can be a bit more fibrous and take longer to cook than the green varieties in most cabbage recipes.


Look for cabbage with crisp leaves, few blemishes, and dense heads with weight to them.


Leave the outer leaves on the head of cabbage until ready to use and store the head of cabbage in an airtight bag in the refrigerator. Cabbage will keep for several weeks.


There are quite a few different varieties of cabbage with different uses. I prefer Savoy and Napa for most recipes but traditional green and red cabbages are great for roasting and grilling.


I love using cabbage to add a bit of bulk to spring rolls, potstickers, or stir fries. Cabbage also is great for salads, slaws, and even stuffing. A large head can make a few cabbage recipes. Just make sure to remove the core from the cabbage before using.

While cabbage can keep in the refrigerator, basement or root cellar, I usually find it is a great thing to freeze. Remove the core, cut into strips, and blanch for 2-3 minutes. Remove, pat dry, and place in a freezer safe container. You then have a great addition to stir fries during the cooler months! Cabbage comes in red (which is really more purple) and green, both of which hold great nutrients, as well as a few special varieties. Organic Authority has a good article on varieties of cabbage and different ways to use them.

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