Vegetarian Meal Plan with Real Plans

Over the past couple of years, I had toyed with the idea of creating a custom weekly vegetarian meal plan as a service on the site. It can be a struggle to know what to cook, let alone trying to actually prepare the meal. Of course, planning meals for the week takes time and I was never able to add it to the site. So I let the dream go, until now.

I’ve partnered with Real Plans which now has a database of over 250 of my recipes, along with hundreds of others, ready for you to plan your next week of meals. Not 100% vegetarian? That’s cool too- Real Plans started with primarily traditional and paleo recipes which means you can have a weekly meal plan that fits anywhere from meatless Monday to 100% vegetarian. Find out more below or get started.

It’s probably no secret scrolling through the archives of this site that there are two ingredients in the vegetarian diet that I don’t use that often/really like: mushrooms and tofu. With Real Plans I can move those items into an excluded group so that I know my meal plans won’t include any recipes that feature these ingredients. Have a whole food group you want to exclude (like soy or corn)? You can do that too.

Excluding ingredients in Real Plans - Vegetarian Meal Plan

I think one of the features I love most is the ability to change your plans based on how you’re feeling any given week. Don’t like a recipe that’s in your vegetarian meal plan? You can search the recipe box for a replacement featuring an ingredient you might want/have already. Or, you can use the roulette feature to randomly select another option. You can also add your own recipes/ingredients for those days you just want to throw together something or use a recipe you already have in your repertoire. Furthermore, you set what days you want to cook/want recipes and the service will do the rest.


Not sure on where to start when it comes to prep? No worries, Real Plans has you covered. There’s a schedule that helps remind you when to prep, soak those grains overnight, or plan your big day of cooking to ready your meals for the week.

Real Plans Prep Schedule- Vegetarian Meal Plan

I’m guilty, on a weekly basis, of forgetting things that I needed for the week. Before planning, I was at the store almost on a daily basis but having an interactive shopping list takes the guesswork out of your shopping. Easily see what you need, check off what you have on hand, and plan the different stores you need to hit.



I like to use Real Plans as a base then update based on what I find at the market, what I have on hand already (as to not waste ingredients), and add those random meals that might not be a full recipe (like my morning oatmeal). It’s a great platform to help you organize your weekly meals all in one place! Even better- there’s an app so that you can keep your plans/shopping list with you everywhere you go! I highly suggesting checking out the video tutorial then diving into the interactive dashboard. Not sure if it’s right for you? There’s a 30-day money back guarantee.

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