Peanut-Basil Sprinkle

This peanut-basil sprinkle is a hearty garnish that combines roasted peanuts, fresh basil, and crispy shallots to add a bit of flavor at the end of the recipe. 



2-3 tablespoons (15g) raw peanuts

1 teaspoon nutritional yeast

⅓ cup loosely packed basil leaves

2 tablespoons (4g) Fried Shallots or Onion

1 teaspoon finishing salt


  • To make the sprinkle: Preheat the oven to 300˚F. Place the peanuts on a baking sheet and roast until golden, 8-10 minutes. Remove from the oven, sprinkle the nutritional yeast on top, then continue roasting for another 3-4 minutes until the peanuts and nutritional yeast are deeply golden.
  • Transfer the mixture to a cutting board and add the basil, fried shallots, and salt. Roughly chop everything together until the peanuts, basil, and shallots are mostly uniform.