Kidney beans aren’t always as popular as the black bean or garbanzo bean, however, they have the ability to add a bit of bulk to many meals.  The flavor of the bean is more subtle than that of the garbanzo or the black bean, which leaves it a natural fit to soak up the flavors of a great meal.

While recipes that only use kidney beans aren’t extremely popular, kidney beans make a better side-kick to other beans.  These beans are a great addition to a bean salad or a nice hearty chili.  In some of my recipes that only call for black beans, I will sub out half the black beans and add in kidney beans for their nutritional benefit (which can be found here along with cooking instructions.)

Along with other beans, once cooked up I’ll toss these beans in a freezer safe container and pull them out when needed!

NE Vegetarian Kidney Bean Recipes:


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