Quick Tips

How to cook with raspberries

Besides eating them fresh plain or over oatmeal, raspberries are often used in baked goods such as pies or muffins.

How to buy raspberries

Look for berries that have solid color and are free of mold. The hulls of the raspberries should be removed – this is a good indication the berries were picked ripe.

How to store raspberries

Keep berries unwashed, in a shallow container. Raspberries are very fragile and best eaten within a few days of harvesting. Berries also freeze well and can be canned as jam or preserves.


Each overall color category has individual varieties as well.


Raspberries are a special berry to me. For years, my parents’ neighbors had a large overgrowth of wild black raspberries in their front yard. I would ‘suit up’ and weave my way through the spiny branches, picking as many berries as I could. Fresh raspberries, straight from the vine, are no match to those in the grocery store.

Similar to blueberries, I usually don’t end up with enough to even make a recipe because I eat them so quickly. But if I do ever extras, they make their way into oatmeal or on top of pancakes.

To freeze simply lay them out on a baking tray, freeze, and then toss in a freezer safe bag. Use like you would frozen blueberries and frozen strawberries. Raspberries also make a delightful summer jam. If you are looking for a family activity, you can occasionally find a u-pick berry farm (which is also great for trying different varieties).

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