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How to cook PRODUCE

Orange segments are best used raw for snacking and salads. The zest and juice can be added to cooked dishes to enhance the flavor. And of course, sweet oranges can be squeezed for breakfast juice. Sour oranges shine in marmalades and compotes.

How to buy PRODUCE

Look for oranges that feels heavy relative to the size, give slightly when pressed, and free of soft spots or cuts.

How to store PRODUCE

Store oranges in the refrigerator crisper for up to a month or at room temperature for about a week. If storing in the refrigerator, remove the oranges from the refrigerator a couple hours before using/eating.


Blood Orange
Cara cara



I’ve always been on the fence about oranges. Give me a fresh, mountain grown sumatra mandarin, and I’ll be your friend for life but oranges, not so much. But I’m working past the peeling annoyance, and I thank for fresh California oranges for beginning to change my mind.

Orange segments are wonderful in salads ,and the juice/zest can be a nice addition to sauces, dressings, and curds. Fresh squeezed orange juice is a special treat as well, even more so if a splash of champagne is involved.

Oranges are divided into two categories: sweet and bitter. Sweet oranges can do everything, while bitter oranges are reserved for cooking. If you decide to snack on a Seville orange, be prepared to pucker. During orange season, I zest and juice oranges to freeze in ice cube trays. Orange juice will last for a few months in the freezer, and can be a lovely addition to smoothies.

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