I love white beans for their versatility.  White beans work in place of almost any type of bean in any type of dish.  I first really started becoming interested in white beans when I found that my Uncle made hummus from white beans (instead of chickpeas.)  The result was this amazingly creamy hummus that didn’t have quite the earthy flavor chickpeas come with.  Information on the main three types of white beans, Cannelli, Great Northern (pictured), and Navy, can be found here, but when using dried beans, I usually grab whichever ones I see first.

The cooking method for these beans in similar to that of chickpeas and black beans.  Soak, Rinse, and Cook!  I really love have these beans in the freezer, ready to go for soups, dips, and salads.  I find that the white beans pair well with so many veggies, the possibilities are endless!

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