Spring/Early Summer

Quick Tips

How to cook strawberries

Strawberries are wonderful raw, but can also be roasted, cooked into jams and jellies, or added to baked goods. I also like to roast strawberries for a pancake/waffle topping.

How to buy strawberries

Look for strawberries that have solid red color all over, and no white or light green tops. This indicates the strawberry was picked before it was ripe. Strawberries should be void of bruises, mold, or soft spots, and should still be firm. Strawberries will not continue to ripen once picked.

How to store strawberries

Store strawberries carefully in a dry paper bag. Check for mold occasionally. Fresh strawberries can last up to a week.


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Strawberries are a signal of a seasonal transition for me. I’ve had my fill of winter squash and sweet potatoes, I’m happily eating my way through asparagus, and then strawberries make their appearance. It’s a lovely ‘welcome to spring’ that only a juicy, sweet strawberry can bring.

I tend to avoid strawberries from the grocery store. They’re often picked early, which means the flavor hasn’t developed, nor sweetness. Homegrown and market fresh strawberries have beautiful red color all over that translates into fresh taste.

Strawberries are eaten quickly in our house, but if I get a plethora of them, I cut the stem off, toss with lemon juice, stick on a baking tray, then individually freeze them. Once they’re frozen, I toss into a freezer safe container and keep for months. I find having strawberries around when the weather turns cooler is a great addition for oatmeal or pancake topping.

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