Quick Tips


Leeks are delicious when sautéed and incorporated into gratins, soups, or frittatas among other dishes. They can also be braised whole and served as a side. The stalks are most often used while the green leaves are discarded due to their woody nature.


Look for stalks that have tight stalks and crisp greens.


Keep unwashed leeks in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Properly stored, leeks will last up to two weeks.


While there are several varieties of leeks, most will taste and cook the same.


I’m a rather large fan of adding onions and garlic to meals and occasionally, making those items the star. However, when spring and fall roll around- I gravitate towards using leeks more and more. They are easily found at farmers markets and grocery stores and have a different flavor profile then onions (which also makes them lovely to use together).

Leeks are the perfect pairing with squash and sweet potatoes in fall, and asparagus in the spring. The mild, onion like flavor doesn’t tend to over power, but instead accompanies each dish with the perfect amount of flavor. The one main difference between leeks and onions is the layers of leaves in leeks often hide little bits of dirt. Be sure to clean your leeks before you use them.

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