Wheat Berries

If I had to name the one thing I buy most in bulk, it would be wheat berries.  At first I only would use wheat berries in salads and pilafs in place of rice but once I started grinding my own flour, wheat berries became my best friend.  Wheat berries are the whole wheat kernel that has been hulled. Wheat berries are great because they are minimally processed and still have many of their nutrients left in intact (whereas, white bleached flour would be the complete opposite.)

There are two overall types of wheat berries: hard and soft.  The soft tend to be a little more friendly when cooked whereas the hard never loose their chewy texture.  Both the hard and soft wheat berries have red and white varieties (but really there is no major difference.  Cooking instructions for wheat berries can be found here.

For milling flour, the hard wheat berries are great for your regular wheat flour while the soft wheat berries are perfect for a whole wheat pastry flour.  I’ve learned to experiment with different wheat berries to find which ones I like best for my flour!

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