If you ask me what my favorite section in the grocery store is, I’ll say “bulk bins’ and then go on to tell you my favorite stores that sell in bulk (like Rainbow in San Francisco, the Davis Co-op, and Central Market in the Dallas area!) There are always so many options and I always find it fun to look around and try new things. Plus, it’s an easy way to reduce waste!

From the store, I pick a few different ingredients from each group and keep my own mini bulk bin in my own home that I can create meals around the seasonal produce I pick up at the farmers market. If you have a few grains and legumes on hand, you will always have a meal. Plus, most of these grains and legumes make excellent flour.

To store grains and legumes, I keep items in weck jars (that I also take to the store with me to fill with the items- no packaging!) Click below to explore a section of the bulk bin area or browse the most recent recipes from each section.

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NE Vegetarian Bulk Bin Recipes: