Never has one word made me feel so many emotions.  Excitement, Anticipation, Fright, Angst (and so on, and so forth…)

But there is one emotion that relates really well to cooking: uncomfortable.

When you are in a relationship, everything seems comfortable.  It’s stable, warm, and really not that unsettling.  For dating this is the idea of having to meet someone new and start over again-it’s uncomfortable.   There are so many questions racing through your head, “Is this going to work,” “what if I don’t have anything to say,” “Am I going to like him,” and again, so on and so forth.

So. Uncomfortable.

 We let this mentality invade our cooking too.  We find meals and recipes we love.  We cook them every week and for the most part, we don’t break out of the comfortable area.

With both cooking and dating, sometimes the reward for stepping out of your comfort level is far greater than you would expect.

 For the longest time I refused to make pita.  The whole process of having to quickly bake it in the oven frightened me (and I was still fighting with yeasted dough of all kinds.)

But one day I stepped out of my comfort level, cranked my oven to 500˚, made pita, and fell in love.

Sometimes it pays to outside the box of comfortable for a little while…

Deb goes into great detail on how to make Pita both in an oven and a cast iron skillet.  So, hop over to Smitten Kitchen for great details about how to make these beauties!   The only difference for me: I used freshly ground whole wheat pastry flour.  These are great to stuff with sandwich like ingredients, dip in hummus, bake and make chips, or even use as a quick pizza base!

Have a great weekend!

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