Let’s have a heart to heart for a moment. One of the biggest complaints I receive about my recipes is that I’m using ingredients (grains, mainly) that are impossible to find. It makes me sad and upset because the last thing I want is to create recipes that aren’t accessible. If anything, I hope to spark an interest that leads you down a path of exploring new and exciting items!

Here’s the awesome part. You’re reading this which means, you’re on the internet. Guess what else is on the internet? All those ingredients that might be a bit harder to find! And guess what else? If you have a co-op or a decent grocery store, they might already stock some of these items- just in a section you might not look. When I was home over the holiday, I popped into the Hy-Vee (yeah, midwest!) in Peoria, IL and they had the entire line of Ancient Grains from Bob’s Red Mill (I may have let off an excited “yippee” to which I received a few stares.)

But, I also know there’s a few of you that still live in rural areas, so here’s a list of places that ship straight to your door (for my American friends.) Or, if you’re part of a CSA or know a farmer- talk to them. They may be open to growing or may already be growing a few different varieties of foods! Also, if you have specific retailer you love, please let me know! The more sources, the better!

Three-Grain Grilled Vegetable and Feta Salad
Green Lentils
Creamy Polenta with Roasted Root Vegetables

Farms/Stores that Sell Specific Items:

Stores that can serve as a one-stop shop:

Other options: if you’re like me and want to see if anyone local is selling what you need, Local Harvest is your best friend (and even if you can’t find anyone local- you can still find a small farm that sells what you’re looking for.) 

Now that you can source all these wonderful items, go forth and make recipes or learn about grinding it into flour!:








Black Beans