I’m really tired.

Today I leave for a three day/eight school tour in St. Louis.  Whoo?  I love playing music.  I especially love seeing the looks when we play hard lit and the high school students are actually impressed with what we are playing (for any music nerds out there our two featured pieces are El Salon Mexico by Copland and West Side Story from Bernstein.)  It will be a lot of playing but it will be fun!


So before I leave, I wanted to point you in the direction of this dish.  I’ve made it clear on this blog that one of my top favorite blogs is 101 cookbooks.  (I’m actually guilty of not ordering her latest cookbook yet- I need to get on that!)

Thanks to Heidi, I discovered farro.  A nutty whole grain that when cooked has an amazing flavor and pairs well with so many different foods.  Farro may take over my love for Quinoa.

Instead of her roasted squash I roasted sweet potatoes but everything else is very much the same.  It’s hard to change a dish that looks (and taste) so delicious.

Check out Heidi’s Recipe for Farro and Roasted Squash!