There are times that call for a decadent dessert.

One of those times is when your grandfather turns 90.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

 For those of you who have wondered why my site is “Ella” and not “Erin,” my grandfather (and grandmother) have a large part in that. Ella are my initials that include my mother’s maiden name.

My maternal-grandfather taught me a lot. He taught me how wonderful gardening can be: I always looked forward to his summer tomatoes. In my younger years, he instilled in me a love of walking (he walked everyday- probably one good reason he’s still amazingly healthy at 90). His sense of humor is unmatched and my poor grandmother usually gets the end of his quips. He also taught me that giving up isn’t in option-mainly in reference to being a diehard Cubs fan.

I am amazingly blessed to have been surrounded by so many loving and inspirational people.

 We celebrated his birthday twice and the second time, my Aunt made an amazing dinner.  I tend to be the one in charge of desserts (in the back of my mind, opening a bakery is still lurking). My grandpa loves a good pumpkin pie but my mother had already made him one, so I took a different route.

This cheesecake is amazing. It’s crammed full of pumpkin but even my father (the noted pumpkin hater) went back for seconds. If you are looking for an amazing dessert to celebrate something grand, I recommend cheesecake (and particularly this cheesecake).

For the recipe, head over to Simply Recipes.  I didn’t change anything with the actual cheesecake but I did add a topping of whipped cream and cinnamon.