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My preferred method is to soak (if I have time), combine with a mirepoix and garlic, boil for 10 minutes, reduce to a simmer, then cook until tender (anywhere from 1 to 4 hours). This technique came from Rancho Gordo.
If you’re looking for other methods of bean cooking, this article has quite a few examples.


Buy beans out of bulk bins you know have quick turnover or from companies that go through inventory at a quick pace. Two of my favorites: Bob’s Red Mill and Rancho Gordo.


Store dried beans in an airtight container, away from light. I prefer to keep my beans in glass jars, kept in my pantry cupboard. While beans can last for some time, I try to make sure I don’t have any beans older than a year in my pantry.


While I cook a pot of beans or two weekly, I also like to freeze chickpeas in their liquid for an emergency stash of beans. Cook the beans as normal, stir in about a teaspoon of 1 ½ apple cider vinegar per pound of chickpeas (a trick I picked up from the Kitchn), and divide into freezer-safe containers. Let cool before sealing.


If you scroll through the archived recipes on this site, one thing will become clear: I love chickpeas. They are great in salads, stews, and curries. For snacking, they’re delicious when or you can turn them into hummus, a crowd pleasing appetizer. Chickpeas come in a few different varieties: Desi, Kabuli, and Black chickpeas. Kabuli are the larger, cream colored chickpeas that are found in most grocery stores.

BBQ Chickpea Sandwich

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