Without fail, I always get sick this time of year.  I eat too much junk, stay up too late, and consume more alcohol than I really should.

When my throat starts feeling scratchy, I know what’s coming.  I try and stop it- I sleep more, beef up on my vitamins, and become more sloth like than normal.  I also make myself soup.

One of my favorite things in the world is a hearty soup with a fresh piece of bread.  I make soup a lot.  I saw the recipe for this soup on 101 Cookbooks (I cannot get enough of the recipes on her site!) and practically ran straight to the kitchen to commence cooking.  This soup has it all-garbanzo beans, egg noodles, spinach, lentils, and a delicious flavor combination.

I have to be honest and say that while the soup cooked, I really sure I would like this soup.  The aroma had a unique scent that filled the kitchen, much to my roommates dismay.  The topping, onions, olive oil, butter, walnuts, and sour cream, seemed like an small addition to the soup after the long list of ingredients cooked into the soup.

However, I can assure you, this soup is amazing.  I am really considering this to be one of my main go-to soups for when I get sick.  The soup is like a jazzed-up vegetarian “chicken noodle” soup.

The only difference I made came with the beans.  When you live in small-town American, certain items are really hard to come by.  I ended up using all garbanzo beans in place of the Borlotti beans.

So, if you find your throat a little scratchy or your nose a little runny- try this soup!