So here it goes, two post for the price of one!

Suggestion:  For those of you who live in Illinois or surrounding states and ever find yourself in Galesburg, Illinois- eat at Q’s Cafe. Now, I may be partial because Mike and I designed the website and took the photos but seriously, they have great food.  Walt and his wife Annette run the place and everyday of the week (monday-friday) churn out homemade breads, soups, sandwiches, salads, and a brownie that is amazing no words can describe.  He’s even started curing his own meats and making pasta.   Moreover, they are two of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Seriously.

You can’t find a better lunch spot around.  So remember, if you are in Galesburg- head downtown and grab yourself some lunch.

Need more convincing?  These are photos I took for them yesterday:

Nothing like snacking on cheesecake while taking photos- life can’t get much better than that!

Secondly, like the sweet potato potstickers from the other day, I made naan and then promptly forgot.  I saw a lot of recipes out there that looked identical to my pita bread recipe and I was really looking for something that would be different.  I stumbled upon Tracey’s Culinary Adventures and Tracey’s Naan looked exactly like what I’ve seen in stores.

What was different?  Like the my pita recipe, many naan recipes called for 500˚ oven and puffing it up.  Instead, Tracey’s recipe called for cooking it on the gas stove.  I loved how this recipe turned out (I subbed 1/2 the all purpose flour for whole wheat) and promptly started using the naan for pizzas.

So delicious!  Be sure to check out the recipe over at Tracey’s Blog!

(PS- for those interested in the my business opportunity, I’m still working on logistics and everything but I’m still really hopeful!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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