I love hosting holiday dinners. It’s a great way to celebrate friends, family, and food. Sometimes, however, hosting can feel a bit overwhelming when you have to account for everyone’s dietary restrictions. Usually, I take it as a challenge and a way to showcase alternative recipes that can find a place on your holiday table again and again.

This gluten-free Thanksgiving spread features a gorgeous squash dish that also happens to vegan. A creamy gratin and a gorgonzola pear salad complete the meal. Make the pear salad ahead of time to keep meal prep more hands off. Slow cook the rutabaga gratin to keep it creamy and add to the ease of preparing this meal. In fact, the acorn squash the only recipe that needs to be prepped and cooked right before serving dinner.

Wine Pairing: Vegetarian food is often paired with white wine, and this gluten-free thanksgiving meal is no exception. I recommend pairing these dishes with a bottle of 2014 Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc + Viognier. It’s a clean, bright wine with citrusy notes that complement the salad. Additionally, the light acidity cuts through the rich gratin while the radicchio brings out the sweetness in this wine. This white wine is delightful on its own and with this meal. Plus, Chenin Blanc is grown right in my backyard. In fact, it’s even on Slow Food USA’s Ark of Taste.


Looking for more variety? Beyond these three recipes, you can also add a recipe or two to your more traditional holiday meal. Often I’ll make a main that would be great as an alternative main but still works great as a side dish for a more traditional meal.