I knew that this time of year would feel different in northern California. Sure, the temperature has dropped and if you kind of pretend, the trees are turning. But, it’s not like the midwest. There’s something slightly magical about fall in the midwest. It’s the time to cozy up next to a fire, go apple picking (this is still happening, no matter where I am), and drink an abundance of coffee in the chill of the now dark morning (also still happening, not sure this ever stopped).

So, to get me into a fall spirit, I figured I would share a few fall recipes that have caught my eye along with a few of my favorites from the archives that have found their way back onto the fall menu this year. (and don’t worry, there’s no pumpkin spice latte on this list.) If you need even more fall inspiration, be sure to check out my seasonal fall section!

What’s on your to-make list this fall? I’d love to know!

Fall Recipe Inspirations

Winter Squash

Brussels Sprouts

Sweet Potatoes