In college, every Sunday morning, I would order a rather large stack of chocolate pancakes smothered in whipped cream, more chocolate and butter.  I looked forward to brunch and made sure I never missed it.  I loved those pancakes.

This abruptly stopped when I realized I was headed straight for diabetes and ever since, I haven’t had chocolate pancakes.

These pancakes are a little healthier than the ones I ate back in college. For one, they are gluten-free, made only with ground oats.  The pancakes also have healthy fats, lower amount of chocolate chips, and the portion size is a little more in control.  I’ve had Kathryne’s recipe for oat pancakes bookmarked for awhile now and I’m kind of sad I haven’t mad them sooner!

I’m finding I love mixing up traditional pancakes with different ideas (like oats)!  I highly recommend these for a great weekend breakfast.

In other news (and really why I was inspired to make chocolate chip pancakes), October is fair trade month here in the United States and when Fair Trade USA contacted me about possibly promoting fair trade, I agreed. While I love my local movement, there are things that I can’t obviously get here in Illinois (unfortunately, coffee and chocolate don’t grow very well here)!  By purchasing fair trade, I know that I am helping to support local farmers in developing countries.

However, I highly recommend doing your research on the companies from which you are purchasing.  Fair trade companies should have a good amount of transparency. No matter local or global, find out as much as you can about your food!

Fair Trade USA sent me a few goodies to pass along to you.  Simply leave a comment by Sunday, October 7th at 8:00pm CST and you will be entered to have these goodies sent to you.  Unfortunately for this giveaway, it is only open to residents of the U.S. (but I promise, I have another lined up that is open to all!)

*For the Oat Pancake recipe, head over to Cookie and Kate.  The only change I made: add 1/4 cup of chocolate chips!  These pancakes are great (and gluten-free too!)

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