It’s a chocolate cake kind of week.

Classes end tomorrow, finals happen next week. It’s a bit different being on the other side, but it’s still busy. On top of being sick, trying to keep up with a business, and taking on a few extra projects- I already feel like I don’t know where December is going. I’m rushing to get so much done before I take off for California.

And so I make cake.

When I saw this on Laura’s blog (The First Mess), I knew it had to be made. She glazed it with biscoff but I wanted to use what I had in my cupboards- so I went with peanut butter. I have such a weakness for chocolate and peanut butter (confession: I use dip a spoon in peanut butter and sprinkle chocolate chips on it for dessert or a snack or breakfast…)

This cake is amazing and I highly suggest that if you are stressed or about to pull your hair out- stop and make this cake. Can I also say that I love baking things in loaf pans (thanks for the idea, Laura!)

Okay, back to grading!

For the recipe, pop over to the Laura’s wonderful blog (and be sure to check out a few other recipes too- they are just too lovely!)

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