This month has been full of celebrations that have made my heart happy.

Today is my final announcement and this one is pretty darn awesome.  See, back in March I traveled to Chicago and met Melissa (from the Fauxmartha).  It’s amazing how one simple idea can lead you to someplace brand new.  I had plans of asking Melissa about possibly helping me design a logo for my site (because I am terribly hopeless when it comes to design aspects). However, it turned out, Melissa had her own question to ask me.  She had been on for a couple years and decided it was time to move on but had no idea where to start.

So on that slightly cold Chicago spring day, we began plotting on a napkin while chowing down on arepas.

For a while we weren’t sure about this whole thing.  It seemed slightly crazy to think that we, together, could start a business.  But after many long skype sessions and some help from outside, we put our foot down and decided this is what we wanted to do. For the past few months, we’ve been creating plans, working out details, and building new sites. My new site branding, my new photography site, and Melissa’s new site were all us.

Wooden Spoons Kitchen offers branding, sites, and even hosting- we’re out to offer the package from the beginning through running your business (because there isn’t really ever an end). Melissa is a phenomenal designer and I know wordpress like the back of my hand (along with navigating through the css and html).  It’s great that we can work together on something we both love- it’s an awesome feeling.

I’m so thankful for everyone in my life that has supported and pushed this business to happen, especially M. He’s been so generous with all the questions, concerns, and slight breakdowns.  He is my rock (and a php/hosting stud).  I’m also thankful for the words of encouragement from fellow bloggers we’ve told- every word helped reassure Melissa and I that we were on the right track.

Be sure to go roam around the Wooden Spoons Kitchen site and head over and “like” us on Facebook!  We’ll be blogging about all things internet/photography/design going forward so even if you aren’t thinking about a site redesign, we’re hoping to share our knowledge with everyone!

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