Yes, I realize that it’s morning and I’m telling you I’m craving cocktails.

It’s fine, really.

See, I’m about to embark on a three week journey to help run a summer music camp at the University where I received my Master’s.  While I’m both excited and nervous about the whole thing, I’ll be away from my kitchen for three weeks with very little cooking, probably no photography, and hardly any booze.

While I’ve prepared the blog for my leave, I don’t think I’ve prepared myself.  I just started packing yesterday and I’m leaving around noon today.  Whoops.

So I’m giving you cocktails today in hopes that one day in the next three weeks, you will enjoy one for me.  Even though I’m usually more of a wine or craft beer kind of girl, there are some days that call for a delicious cocktail.

And for those of you who do not or are unable to enjoy one of these fine cocktails, you need to head over to The First Mess and check out Laura’s awesome post on all things iced tea!


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