When it comes to eating at home, M and I are far from perfect.

There was a time I was really careful with what I ate.  I also wasn’t that great of a cook so my eating habits were similar to that of a bird.  Then, when I met M three years ago, I started to go back to my poor eating habits because we were constantly going out to eat  (and I under-estimated how much men eat…)

Being in a relationship and keeping up eating habits is hard.  It takes some hard-core will power (which I sometimes don’t have.)

There are times when we either have had a crappy day or we are feeling just plain lazy.  The problem?  Living in rural America offers little for eating out.  We have about five restaurants we frequent and all of them are bad for us.  There’s not a single healthy dinner in sight.

Not only are we spending copious amounts of money but we are consuming more calories than either of a care to speculate.

So, we decided to stop.  I gave up eating out, drinking alcohol (I was consuming too many empty calories), and took up going to the gym while M gave up eating out, drinking soda, and took up walking the dog more.  We both have things that we still want to change (me with sugar, M with cigarettes) but we feel good about taking a step towards eating better AND saving money.

Of course today is only day two and we are realizing how really hard it is to break bad habits.  I had a bad day yesterday and all I wanted to do was go buy a bottle of wine and this morning all M wanted was some soda.

But, we made it through day one and are off on day two.  If anyone has suggestions about how to eat more at home or incentivize eating at home, I’d love to hear them!

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