I don’t do seafood.

I’ve tried and tried but my family has a sense that it is genetic.  My grandfather, my mom, and I can barely stand the smell let alone actually eat seafood.  The reason I preface with this is because what I’m about to tell you could be considered blasphemy.

I made veggie sushi.

I know that sushi does not directly mean fish but I think that whenever anyone hears “sushi” the first thing that pops into their heads is “raw fish.”  My own mother did it to me yesterday when I asked her if she had ever had sushi and she replied, “who are you talking to?”  Again, she isn’t a seafood fan.

However, sometime during my college experience (good old college…) I ate veggie sushi and fell in love.  The flavors with just a little soy sauce (okay, maybe drenched in soy sauce) were delicious.

The problem now?  I live in a small farm community, smack in the middle of Illinois.   Sushi and corn farming don’t really go hand in hand.  We have one place that serves sushi but I have never been there and honestly (after what I have heard) I never intend to visit.

So what is a girl to do besides try her hand at making her own sushi?

The process was amazingly simple with the help of my handy dandy rice cooker (how did I live without this?!?!?), rolling mat, and my knife.  Actually, strike that, my knife made it almost impossible.  I was so proud of myself once I got the roll and sprinkled it with toasted sesame seeds.  So I took my knife, began to slice, and proceeded to smash what I was cutting.

Clearly (mental note to self) I need to buy a sharper knife.

Nevertheless, if it looks somewhat like sushi and taste a lot like sushi, I’m a happy girl.  I had sushi for breakfast and lunch yesterday!

Ree over at Pioneer Woman has instructions that make this whole process easy and really understandable:

  1. Making the sushi rice
  2. Making the rolls

As for the filling- I used cucumber, carrots, and avocado.  Once I get a better knife, I have a feeling I am going to be eating a lot of sushi!

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