Swiss Chard is one of those leafy greens I really didn’t notice until I started my CSA but once I did, I realized how great it could be.  Swiss Chard sticks around longer than spinach when the weather gets warm and makes for a great green even when summer hits.  I use chard in place of spinach in warm dishes and I have even shredded some chard to use in place of lettuce.

While most of my recipes say to remove the stem from the the leaf, the steam is also edible.  Most of the times I am only use the greens in place of something else but when I’m not, I leave a part of the stem on.  Like with most greens, I also only wash Chard right before use.  I’ve found if I rinse/store, the chard tends to wilt much faster and not keep as long.

As with spinach, Swiss Chard can be canned/frozen.  Because Swiss Chard is found throughout most of the growing season, I wait until late summer/early fall before I harvest Chard to freeze.  To freeze, blanch for two minutes, ice bath, pat out excess moisture, and then toss in a freezer safe bag.  Chard makes an excellent addition to pots of stew and warm pasta dishes during the winter.

Months in Season (cooler climates):  May through September
Months in Season (warmers climates):  Year Round
Favorite Variety:  Bright Lights

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