Rye Crepes with Sorghum-Bourbon Strawberries + Ice Cream
Rye Crepes with Sorghum-Bourbon Strawberries + Ice Cream
Sorghum Bourbon Strawberries + Ice Cream Crepes

Strawberries are kind of my saving grace in the spring.  Just when you start to get sick of eating only green produce, these delicious red berries make their appearance.  Garden strawberries are often smaller than those you would find in the grocery store but they are often sweeter and juicier.  Freshly picked strawberries should easily pluck off the plant and be red all the way through.  Super market strawberries are often still unripe due to transport time and shelf life.

Strawberries tend to not last very long but if I get a plethora of them, I cut the stem off, toss with lemon juice, stick them on a baking tray,then individually freeze them.  Once they are frozen, toss them in a zip lock bag and keep for months.  I find having strawberries around when the weather turns cooler is a great addition for oatmeal or a treat topping for pancakes!

Months in Season (cooler climates): June and July
Months in Season (warmer climates): March through November

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