rhubarb (1 of 1)

rhubarb (1 of 1)

Rhubarb is up there for what I look forward to the most in the spring.  It harkens back to the days when I would head outside with my grandfather and check to see how the rhubarb was doing (which were plants that my great grandfather had planted.)  Every time we moved, we managed to take the rhubarb with us- it’s a family staple.  I’m slowly learning to use rhubarb as a savory treat as well as a sweet treat and I highly suggest you do the same.  Fresh rhubarb can be used for so much more than pies!

Rhubarb can be both frozen and canned.  If you want to freeze it the lazy way (by just cutting it into pieces), it will only last a couple months in the freezer. There is a way to pack it wet but I’ve never messed with it (a quick search on the internet will yield many results.)  For both canning and freezing you want to harvest 1-2′ spring stalks.  Make sure you don’t use the leaves-they are poisonous! I found this great post from Simple Bites that is chocked full of information!

Months in Season (cooler climates): April through June
Months in Season (warmer climates): April through July

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