I love all of the orange color that comes with fall.  Carrots have so much potential.  They work perfect with a simple spinach salad, can stuff spring rolls, and even make one delicious soup.  Of course, carrots also work well as a simple snack to keep you going during the day.  Carrots will often loose their crispiness in the refrigerator but if you keep the carrots in a water bath and cut off the tops when you bring the carrots home, this will ensure a little extra crispiness.

Freezing carrots is perfect if you need a little extra veggie to your winter strews or frozen shredded carrots are perfect for carrot cake or muffins.  To freeze carrots, blanch for two minutes, place in a ice bath, let cool and then place in a freezer safe container.  Carrots must be canned using a pressure canner or pickled to where there is a safe amount of acid (since carrots are a low-acid food.)   This dill carrot recipe is a good example of a carrot recipe that can be safely canned in a hot water bath.

Months in Season (cooler climates): May through November
Months in Season (warmer climates): Year Round
Favorite Variety: Parisian Carrots

 NE Vegetarian Carrot Recipes:


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