Butternut Squash Pasta Bake

Butternut squash is one of the quintessential fall foods.  It’s perfectly sweet when roasted, adds flavor and creaminess to soups, and can be used in place of pumpkins in breads and muffins.  The seeds and skin are both edible (the skin is less tough as it cooks longer.)  Fresh butternut squash can also be peeled easily with a good vegetable peeler.  Butternut squash pairs really well with apples, caramelized onions, and goat cheese.

 To tell if a butternut squash is ready, the skin should be tougher and you shouldn’t be able to press in with your fingernail.  Squash should be kept in a cool, dry spot (similar to that of pumpkins and onions.)  The butternut squash can be frozen in different stages.  Roast or blanch peeled butternut squash and freeze in chunks or boil and puree to freeze for use in soups.

Months in Season (cooler climates): August through November
Months in Season (warmer climates): October through April

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