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Over the years, beets have become one of my favorite root vegetables. Not only are they a beautiful color, the earthiness from the vegetable adds so much to a meal. I will often roast beets to throw into a salad or grain pilaf or use as a puree for color. Red beets are by far the most favorable while the golden beets and chiogga beets are a bit more mild and won’t stain your hands as bad. Leaves on the are also edible and can be used in place of items like kale and Swiss chard. I’m also in the “only peel if I have to” camp and for most the time leave the skin on the beets.

Months in Season (warmer climates): Year Round
Months in Season (cooler climates): May through October

Favorite Variety: Chioggia

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Beet Varieties:

Chioggia Beets Chioggia Beets
Red BeetsRed Beets
BeetsGolden Beets


 NE Vegetarian Beet Recipes: