Whenever I cook for other people there is always one course I find myself daydreaming the most about: dessert.

I realized the joyous feeling of eating was multiplied by ten when someone ate a delicious pie or mouthwatering cheesecake- dessert makes people truly happy.  Before I worked in the kitchen of the bakery, I worked at the counter, selling cookies and smiles every day.  Most days, I really loved my job because I knew that every box of cookies I packaged was going to go make someones day- I mean who doesn’t smile when you get a box of cookies (well, unless you are trying to diet- then you scowl…)

Nevertheless, I always focus a lot of time and careful consideration on my desserts.  For the catering I did, I knew I wanted to make some nice summery desserts- focusing primarily on light and fruity.  Besides these truffles (they were requested), I made three other desserts: vanilla cupcakes, blueberry cream tart, and cheesecake.

Whenever I find a recipe I adore, I stick with it and don’t ever stray to far from it.  This cheesecake recipe, time and again, always has people raving.  Yet, from just the basic recipe- you can create endless possibilities.  Try adding flavors (coffee, chocolate, fruit) or play with toppings (fruit, ganache, whip cream.)  Any flavor combination you can think you could make into a cheesecake.

So, if your looking for a “wow-factor” desert that really doesn’t take too much effort (this isn’t the easiest dessert but is definitely not the hardest),  go for a cheesecake.

Who needs Cheesecake Factory?

This recipe is from the joyofbaking.com- I follow the recipe pretty much as is except I leave the sour cream topping off and finish the cheesecake with the flavors I am working with (ie strawberry topping for this cheesecake!)

Cheesecake recipe for Joy of Baking

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