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Vegetarian Legume Recipes | Naturally Ella
Legume Recipes from Naturally Ella

If you’ve ever been in a conversation with someone who is asking you about eating vegetarian, you know that one of the most featured questions is always, “but how do you get enough protein without meat?” Let’s leave out for a second all the foods that are rich in protein (like many plants!) and focus on one of the biggest drivers of protein into my diet: legumes. Legumes account for beans, lentils, and dried peas- all of which are wonderful to have in your kitchen. I’ll keep black beans and pinto beans around for quick tacos and quesadillas while I nearly always have chickpeas stashed away for salads, hummus, and anything else I can think to throw beans into. Lentils are amazing for heartier dishes like curries and soups while I tend to use split peas tossed onto salads and in the occasional soup.

Legumes are also one those items that you really should buy from the bulk bin. Canned beans are pricier and for the small amount of hands-on time dried beans take to prepare, it’s really worth it. I’m a big proponent of cooking up a large batch of black beans or chickpeas then tossing them into the freezer for use throughout the month.

To explore these legumes, click on a legume for more information about buying, storing, and specific recipes for the legume or browse all the recipes below.

Vegetarian Legume Recipes from Naturally Ella


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