I’m really excited for this new section.

I know that not everyone loves the bulk bins as much as I do, but I truly believe that you can save a bit of money and a whole lot of packaging by using the bulk bins.

The bulk bins hold the power to really enhance your ability to create without a recipe.  While I love my produce, I know that a great meal needs a little bit of substance and that’s where having a stash of grains and legumes can really help.  The two main staples in my house: produce and bulk bin items.

When I say bulk bin, I’m not referring to chocolate covered almonds or dried fruit.  I’m talking the nuts and bolts of my cooking: grains and legumes.  Having an arsenal of these in your cupboards will ensure that you can always have a meal, no matter what season it is.

Ever since I started using the bulk bin I’ve noticed that my purchases of canned goods has ceased.  It amazing, really and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m hoping that the bulk bin section, along with the seasonal produce section, can help minimize the amount of processed, package heavy foods you purchase.  For each ingredient there is a quick overview, links to cooking instruction, and some inspirational recipes to get you started!

A quick side note, I also love these reusable bulk bags that are a perfect excuse for not having to use those crappy plastic bags! Also, if you are curious how I store my bulk bin items, I posted about this awhile ago and it’s still how I store everything!

I’m sure this section will be ever expanding.  Whenever I head in to the store, I always find new things to try!  I know for sure the next sections are going to be seeds and nuts!

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