(This post is what happens when I finally decide to make a decision and get slightly angry in the process…)

This story starts way back, like all the way back in 7th grade.

I’ve always hated shoes.  So much so that for almost three years of my life I wore track shoes with the spike removed because they had the least amount of cushion between my foot and the ground.

Fast forward to last summer when I bought my first pair of Vibrams.  By the time of purchase I had researched for months on whether or not these were shoes that would actually be what I wanted them to be.  I knew that these shoes were not something to be taken lightly.

Even after all that research I got them, put them on, and walked.  By the end of week one I decided to walk four miles and when I got home my feet were killing me. However, I knew that the pain would happen- all my research pointed my feet needed time to adjust  to these shoes.  (I’ll come back to this later)

In September my shoes developed a hole in the sole part of the right shoe.  For a better lack of words, I was pissed.  Three months and my expensive shoes developed a hole (and no, I didn’t step on any sharp objects- my foot never once experienced pain.)  So, I contacted the company via e-mail, twitter, and facebook.  Only a twitter did they ask for a photo and then they never got back to me.  Absolutely horrible customer service from a company that I thought actually was suppose to have decent support (beyond the shoe.)

So I took the winter and thought about what I wanted to do.  I really loved the shoes and once I got my foot adjusted, I wore them everyday.

Today I broke down and bought another pair.  I’m giving them one more chance and if something happens again, I’m moving to a different company (plenty are making “barefoot” shoes now and if I can, I would like to find a company that’s shoe is manufactured in the U.S.)

Now on to part two:  Be a wise buyer.

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I live in a small, rural town.  Fashion and pop culture slowly adapt into ways of life and just recently did the local shoe store start selling Vibrams.  During the fall when I wore my shoes everyday, people stared/gawked and generally didn’t understand the shoes.

Today at the store I was told they are selling at least three pairs a day (and from what I could tell had at least 50+ in stock.)

When people have asked whether or not I like the shoes I have told them all the exact same thing, “I love them but they aren’t for everyone and they take some time to get use to wearing- do your research.”  Now, people are buying these shoes because they are “toe shoes” and “cool.”

This isn’t a review of the shoe because wearing these shoes is completely different from person to person.  There are plenty of well informed reviews all over the internet from runners to walkers to every day users- all of them with their own opinion.  The best thing I can tell you is read those reviews and decide from there.

Okay, I feel better… Now to enjoy my weekend (almost, still have a two hour rehearsal to get through!)


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