I feel it has been too long since I’ve shared a few of my favorites. Being in the throws of attempting working on the writing for the cookbook, I spend a lot of time staring at the screen, searching (pleading, begging) for words. Give me a camera and I will tell a story through the photos, no problem. But give me a pen and tell me to write the same story, I’ll pass. Or write something that has so many grammatical errors and makes very little sense. M writes. In fact, he writes so well that whenever he writes something about us, I usually can’t read it without crying. I’m jealous and am always thinking of ways to harness his writing power.

All of that to say, I need all the writing inspiration I can get. So, I thought I’d share of few of my favorite sites to read when I need a swift kick to my writing.They are all lovely in their own (very personal) way. Stories of love, life, travel, humor, and everything in between. Take some time, brew coffee or tea, and dig in: you will be there awhile. Know a site that has great writing? Let me know!

Not without Salt

Eat this Poem

Bon Appétempt 

A Sweet Spoonful

Oh, Ladycakes

The Yellow House

Sweet Amandine 


 Food Loves Writing

The Vanilla Bean Blog

Happy Jack Eats


Seven Spoons