Ah sweet potatoes.  I have a bias towards sweet potatoes everything fall/winter.  Sweet potatoes become the focal point of so many meals that by March I feel like I should be orange.  The extra flavor and color beats out regular potatoes any day. Sweet potatoes (for me at least) are one of the versatile fall vegetables.  They can be mashed, cubed, roasted, used in soups, eaten as fries, or used as a main part of the meal.  I think just the shear amount of sweet potato recipes I have on my site is evidence to how much I love this fall treat.

When it comes to telling the difference between yams and sweet potatoes (in the U.S.), there is actually no trick.  Yams sold in grocery stores are actually sweet potatoes with the “yam” label (and there’s a handful of varieties to choose from).   True yams are a starchier root vegetable that you can find in international supermarkets (since it is native to Africa.)  If you want to freeze sweet potatoes, simply cook however you like (steam, boil, roast) until almost tender.  Let the sweet potato cool and pack away in a freezer safe container.  I love freezing mashed sweet potatoes for use in soups and roasted sweet potatoes for use in stews!

Months in Season (cooler climates):  August through October
Months in Season (warmers climates):  September through December
Favorite Variety:  Jewel

 NE Vegetarian Sweet Potato Recipes:


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