I have to be honest in saying that before I joined the CSA, I had never heard of Asian Greens.  I mean, I had heard of Bok Choy (Pak Choi) but when it came to all the others, I had no clue.  So one day while picking my produce, I started tasting each individual variety.  Turns out, each variety has it’s own unique flavor.  Some are spicy while others are sweeter.  Some taste a little like spinach while some taste a bit peppery.  My hope is to eventually have a list with photos about varieties.  For now, Saveur has a guide of a few of the greens.

I’ve found great use for these in spring rolls, stir fries, and even salads.  However, I recommend tasting before tossing in to a dish as some of the varieties have the ability to over power other flavors.  While there are a few varieties of Asian Greens in stores, many of the CSA farmers are continually expanding the selection, so ask and taste!

Months in Season (cooler climates):  April through November
Months in Season (warmers climates):  Year Round
Favorite Variety:  Tatsoi

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