Like last year, I decided that I wanted to do another “homemade” gift and food is something everyone in my family enjoys.  The holidays are becoming increasingly harder to find gifts for people because most of my family is trying to downsize the amount of crap they have in their households.

So this year, I designed a cookbook for Christmas.  Aperture has a wonderful feature that allows you to design books within the program.  Now, I took a few liberties and completely messed around with the templates (most of photo books had no text) and when the finish product came to my doorstep I was absolutely amazed.  The book looked beautiful.

I decided to do a summer cookbook because of the csa and my hope is that eventually I can have all four seasons (I want to the winter one to be about canning!)

I really recommend this if you have a food blog or just keep track of your recipes- this makes such a nice gift!


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